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Monument Sign Drawings for Sign Shops Help Sell More Signs!

You have a customer who wants a monument sign. The problem is that they are not really sure what they are looking for. The customer has a clear vision of what the corporate display should look like. Therefore, you can quickly sketch the facing with the company’s colors, name, and logo. However, when it comes to details, there is a disconnect. With Chatterbox Designs’ monument sign drawings for sign shops, we fill in the details.

Why Consult with Us First?

Monument Sign Drawings for Sign Shops | Nationwide

Time. Working with an indecisive customer takes time. If you have a full schedule, it is virtually impossible to devote the time you would have to take to ferret out the details for the drawings. This is particularly true when the customer has little to no experience with placing signage orders. There is a distinct learning curve that you may not be able to support. At the same time, you do not want to turn the customer away.

Creativity. Be honest, your graphic designer’s capabilities are stretched to the limit with this particular customer. No matter what they propose, the customer is not sure they like it. That is okay. Show them something that is completely different. Chatterbox Designs is known in the trade for creating proposed sign renderings that take monuments to the next level. When you work with a difficult customer, our expertise might make a difference.

One-stop-shop. You wow the customer with the monument sign drawing. They enthusiastically give you the contract for the project. Now, you also need the elevation drawing. It features the details as they pertain to the structural intricacies. Work with the firm that does both in-house. As a result, there is no lag time between the creation of the sign drawing and the elevation drawing. You get your permits quickly and easily.

Capitalizing on the Site Survey

Monument Sign Drawings for Commercial Sign Companies | Nationwide

If you have an opportunity to visit the customer’s location for a site survey, please do so. It is an invaluable opportunity to gather data and provide us with the information we need to create the drawings for the monument sign.

For example, the site survey tells us if some adjacent trees or structures affect the size of the proposed monument sign. Moreover, it will tell us how far from the curb to plan for the sign’s installation. Whenever possible, take as many measurements as you can and provide photos of the location.

By the way, do not neglect to shoot some pics of the nearby architecture. Any monument sign that satisfies your customer must match the building architecture of the structure it supports. While this does not mean that a building with a brick façade should also always have a brick monument, this sign does have to support the overall style of the architecture. Make a mistake here, and you present the customer with drawings for a great monument that would be perfect elsewhere.

The more information we have, the easier the sign permitting process will go!

It's Okay Not to Know Exactly What You Need

Expert Monument Sign Drawings | Nationwide

You work with an indecisive customer. At the same time, you have a difficult time filling in the gaps yourself. This is perfectly all right. Chatterbox Designs routinely works with sign companies that find themselves in this predicament.

Our experts create the kinds of monument sign drawings for sign shops that wow your customers. These are drawings that fit in perfectly with the proposed venue and delight with detail-rich aspects that help your customers envision what the finished product will look like. Because they can see the signs through the eyes of a customer, they will enthusiastically give you permission to proceed.

Chatterbox Designs offers monument sign drawings for sign shops nationwide as well as in Los Angeles and San Diego, CA as well as Dallas and San Antonio, TX. Contact us today to make it happen.

Order Monument Sign Drawings Nationwide


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