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Looking for Elevation Drawings for Pylon Signs in Los Angeles?

Your sign shop needs elevation drawings for pylon signs in Los Angeles. You want them to be detailed because that is what it takes to sell the client on your sign. Besides that, the elevation drawings are an integral aspect of the permitting process. Here is what you need to know.

Engineering Your Pylon Sign

Elevation Drawings for Pylon Signs in Los Angeles CA

We design all types of pylon signs.There are the lit products as well as the non-lighted signs. Besides that, we provide you with details that meet local code requirements. Therefore, manufacturing the sign will be quick, easy, and according to the specs that your client has approved.

Details Make the Difference

Pylon Sign Elevation Drawings | Affordable

It is tempting to provide your client with a rough draft that shows the structure of the proposed pylon sign. However, we go a step further. Our goal is to present you with an irresistible drawing that sells your sign.

  • Material and color options. Your client wants options. They are not looking for a sign that looks like all the other ones. For this reason, we provide you with material and color options that could make the pylon stand out.

  • Shape design. There are different shape considerations for pylon designs. Opt for a contemporary twist that comes with a unique shape or pick a standard presentation that is customary for clients in your customer’s niche.

  • Accent pieces. There should be a significant emphasis on the accent pieces that break up the overall design of your pylon sign’s elevation drawing. They give the eye a chance to rest. Examples include stone caps and bands.

  • Heights. There are several height measurements to consider when you commission an elevation drawing for a pylon. Major and minor tenant panel elements contribute to the overall height. The same goes for the center identification and any other details your client requests. Finally, there are the columns, arches, and similar design details that contribute to the various height measurements.

How a ChatterBox Sign Design & Drawings Elevation Rendering Sells the Sign

Elevation Drawings for Pylon Signs in Los Angeles CA

Your client contacted you for assistance with the design of a custom pylon. This sign is designed to draw the attention of drivers and pedestrians alike. What sets it apart from a standard monument, however, is the height of the product. This gives you more surface area to work with to wow the client. That said, it also gives you more space that requires proper handling.

Standard designs do not work in this setting. The client probably has seen these before. These are basic sketches that fail to factor in brand identities of the venue and any tenants they are commissioning signage for. Most importantly, a standard drawing simply provides a generic presentation of what any pylon looks like. It does not actually bespeak this unique client’s sign design.

This is where ChatterBox Sign Design & Drawings can make a unique difference. Our team specializes in the details. We help your client to look at the product through the eyes of a customer who would base a buying decision on the signage design. There are the brand considerations as well as the eye-catching aspects of the signage design itself.

Most importantly, we could provide a night rendering that shows the client the sign after dark. When illumination is a significant factor in the design of this sign, doing so could be an essential selling point. It presents the sign in its best light – pun intended – while also underscoring that your design will be as effective during daylight hours as it can be after dark.

Try our Signage eBooks

Our Sign Drawing eBooks include easy to read reference materials and graphics. With our eBooks can can create better sign designs to help you sell signs to project managers, business owners and sales personnel. Find our ebooks at Find out how you can get affordable sign elevation drawings by clicking below!


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